Behavioral Tendency

Behavioral tendency refers to the way an individual prefers to act, heavily influenced by the individual’s preferred thought process, the current situation, the current available resources, and the authority the person currently has. The behavioral tendency of an individual is classified as either cautious or confident.



They are safety inclined people who tend to prefer safety measures in place whenever possible. They tend to be guarded, reserved, measured, passive, sensitive and secure-oriented. They tend to want milestones, warranties, guarantees, proof, failsafe and rules in place in their solutions.



They are experiential inclined people who tend prefer to go ahead with the action and problem-solve along the way. They tend to be poised, candid, self-reliant, independent, stable, self-assured, determined, action-oriented and decisive. They tend to want to react effectively, efficiently, and flexibly when problems arise in their solutions.