Three Dimensions

In order to understand the driving force behind our actions, you must first know the three dimensions. All three of them will work hand-in-hand in a person’s unconscious mind to decide what the person wants and how to display them.

Although they can be measured on the same scale, but due to the fact that they are driven by unique personal experiences, they will differ in intensities from person-to-person.

In order to put the three dimensions into perspective, eight key traits are used as measurement for each field. The key traits are classified into an ‘either or’ manner so a person cannot be preferring both traits at the same time.

Traits are relatively stable throughout the lifetime of an individual and they have an enduring tendency to behave in a particular way.

By knowing the key traits, the inner mechanics of the person is revealed. With our proprietary Preference Interaction Engine (PIE), you are able to tell the person’s preference. Thus, enabling you to immediately transform into a more dynamic communicator and strategist.

Every trait has its pros and cons, there is no single trait that is better than any other. The difference in the usefulness depends on the situation.


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